Zentail build releases 6/22-7/8/2021

Fixes and Improvementsย 

  • Fixed bug causing Product History to time out on some accounts.
  • Fixed a bug affecting some scheduled FTP exports.
  • Implemented a code update in response to ShipStation changes where merged and split orders were being deleted. (Currently in beta, rolling out to GA in waves over next weeks).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sending MPN to eBay for some variant SKUs.
  • Made changes to prevent creation of duplicate SKUs on eBay.
  • Fixed code to regenerate Amazon inventory feeds when future quantity is updated.
  • Implemented change for Wish listings to truncate the tags field and send only the allowed maximum of ten.


  • Transitioning to Amazonโ€™s new SP-API infrastructure for orders, reports, and MF (Amazon Buy Shipping).
  • Continuing Walmart v4 updates. Walmart promo, product data and inventory feeds.ย 

Zentail build release 6/8/2021

Fixes and Improvements

  • Made Estimated Fulfillment Cost an exportable field.
  • Added attribute Is Heat Sensitive for Amazon.
  • Added Department Name to product data feed for all product types for Amazon.
  • Fixed bug causing error on download of filtered exports.
  • Fixed issue where some sales order reports were not accurately accounting for timestamp.


  • Continuing with Walmart v4 updates, including pricing and inventory feeds. ย 

Open API

  • Fixed various bugs affecting the listing status endpoint.



Zentail build release 5/26/2021

We have added a changelog highlighting low level and granular updates from weekly build releases on Zentail. This is coupled with a brand new ideas portal which is open for users to submit feature requests and communicate with the Zentail team to add new features to the roadmap for product scoping. This week we have worked on various improvements with the User Interface to help get you selling faster.ย 

New Features

  • New back-end stability changes for the Amazon integration and feed message system, as well as other performance-enhancing additions.ย 

Protoyping Features

  • Working on a new catalog edit user interface that will make it much easier to edit products when in the Edit Product view. Not currently beta testing.ย 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issues with slow account performance.
  • Corrected an issue with the Walmart DSV integration.
  • Released various fixes for the QuickEdit view.
  • Improved on an issue with the Purchase Orders view.ย 
  • Added feed IDs back to the Feed Messages popout in the Catalog view.ย 
  • Fixed an issue with communicating eBay cancelled order statuses.ย 


  • Working to upgrade our Walmart integration from Walmart V3 to Walmart V4. Walmart Lagtime Feeds have been updated to compliance, price, promo and inventory are soon to follow.ย 

Exciting New Changes to Zentail this Month

Stay tuned to see more about Listing Status and Test Listings coming very soon!